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Dear patients

thank you very much for all the presents and kind wishes for

Christmas and New Year.

We would like to wish you a successful, joyful and healthy year.

For Carneval we are closed on Feb 20  and 21. Coverage is taken by

on Feb 20                                                              on Feb 21

Hr. Dr. Siemons                                                       Hr. Dr. Kersken

Humboldtstr. 32 / Ecke Goethestrasse                Ackerstraße 150
Tel. 0211 – 66 15 89                                               Tel. 0211 - 666515

In the week from 25 Feb till 28 Feb we are taking coverage for Dr. Siemons.

Your team

Dr. Grosch


Dr. med. Sylvia Grosch

Fachärztin für Innere Medizin

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